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Silver Key Headhunters specialize in recruiting for software startups across the US, with a primary focus in the San Francisco bay area. Our network originates in the silicon valley venture community and we have a strong history of working with the industry's most talented engineers, marketers and sales people.

Email as a Tool, but not for Communication

As a recruiter, I fall into the trap too often. A thought occurs, I start typing an email as a default way of getting the item done. Stupid. I stop myself, and go talk to the person.

I recall as a rookie recruiter, the fuel to “pick up the phone and dial 9” was ingrained into my very fiber. And even as social media simultaneously makes phones a commodity and a valued tool, we jump to email too often.

Facebook, Twitter … all the social apps around us threaten to suck us into the vortex of mechanically using them rather than interfacing with real live people. Fortunately, I see a shift. Perhaps these tools, while useful for gleaning information, are starting to force people into **gasp** actual interpersonal interaction. 

At least I hope so. 

Perhaps email can do the same. As a twelve-year recruiting veteran, I have learned to use email as a tool, but not as the main form of communication. The ease of use afforded through email makes this difficult, but one of my secrets over the years has been to use email merely as a small part of the bigger circles of communication available to me. So much more happens in live conversations, be they live, via phone or Skype/video calls. 

Whether you’re a job seeker or hiring manager, I encourage you to do the same. Use email to set the stage for a live conversation. Concise, clear and timely are the golden rules. But when it comes to actual communication, leave that for in-person, phone or Skype/video calls.

Are you still seeking candidates to fill Job code: Hot-ML - VP - VP of Design role? I posted my resume and bio and would be interested in knowing if has been filled or if the position is still open.

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Candidates: Recruiting Style = Marketplace Success

It’s 7:30 at night on a Wednesday. It’s been a busy week already, but you’re watching your phone for an email you’re expecting from the CFO … a critical piece of paperwork that will close a major deal and impact the future of your startup. It’s a step you’ve been looking forward to for quite a while; ever since closing a term sheet that funded your company and you began living the startup dream.

There it is … the email from the CFO and there’s the needed attachment. You scan it deliberately, but quickly, checking to make sure that all the details are correct. Competitors are circling, but you know your startup is in pole position. You’re positioned to close successfully.

You hit “forward” and succinctly, articulately type a warm message that should be the icing on the cake: “Welcome aboard! Your offer letter is attached …” along with a few other personal and unique thoughts.

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